'The 7:39' gets greenlight

30 November 2012

Carnival Films is pleased to announce that The 7:39 has been greenlit by the BBC. The romantic drama, penned by award-winning author David Nicholls, will air on BBCOne. Nicholls’s previous work includes the novel One Day, as well as its subsequent feature film adaptation, and the 2012 theatrical version of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations.

The two-part series will be executive produced by Gareth Neame and Sally Woodward Gentle for Carnival and Polly Hill for the BBC.

After fighting for a seat on their morning commute, Sally and Carl begin talking and suddenly their daily train journey becomes a lot more interesting.  Carl is happily-married, Sally's engaged - where's the harm? Yet they find themselves increasingly drawn to each other, and as their friendship grows to flirtation they refuse to admit - to each other or themselves - that a line might be crossed.  The consequences of discovery will be life-changing, catastrophic perhaps, and yet they can’t help falling in love.  A romantic drama for grown-ups, The 7.39 will be charged, funny, moving and sexy.